Interview – Model : Juliette James

Location - Oregon, USA
Age - 27 years old
5’6” / 120 lbs
Bust: 33B / Waist: 26 / Hips: 36

On a scale of 1 to 10 how innocent are you?
(1 being not Innocent at all and 10 being very Innocent)
8 🙂

What are your top 5 favorite movies?
Tropic Thunder, Pride and Prejudice, Some Like it Hot, White Christmas and Dumb & Dumber

Who is your favorite James Bond actor? 
Sean Connery!!! No contest!!

Where did you grow up? What’s your best memory of having grown up there? 
Born and raised Oregonian. My favorite memories are when I was younger and I would just ride my horse for hours out of my parent’s ranch

How would you like to be remembered? 
For the lives I made a difference in

What are some of your interests or hobbies?
Decorating my home and wine tasting with my friends! 🙂

What is your biggest regret in life?
Not spending more time with the people who are now gone

What was your most embarrassing moment?
When I thought I forgot the words while singing the National Anthem, but later found out I did it right

If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be? 
On the beaches of Fiji

How did you get started with modeling?
I wanted to do a boudoir shoot as a gift for my fiancé. And it went from there! 🙂

Tell us about your favorite photo shoot:
My favorite photo shoot was actual where I was painted with Glitter like Captain America. I took 3 hours to apply the Glitter and only 30 minutes to do the shoot. Listening to awesome music and talking about nothing/everything was an awesome way to spend time with a kick ass photographer. Plus being Captain America is totally Bad Ass!!!!

What kind of personality do you have? How would your friends describe you? 
I have a care free personality.  My friends would say I’m funny, kind and the worst cook ever. (I’m learning though) 😉

What surprises people about you, after they get to know you? 
That I am an avid fisher/hunter.  I love the outdoors, but can work a pair of high heels! 🙂

Describe your ideal date... Where would you go? What would you do? 
My ideal date would be a day-long hike through the mountains of Oregon and then spending the evening in front of a campfire drinking ice cold beer and eating fish we had caught out at a stream! 🙂

What do you look for in an ideal boyfriend or partner?
A sincere personality, a love for adventure and deep blue eyes

What do you wear when you want to get attention?
Tight Jeans and tight top!

What do you get complimented on the most?
My eyes and my hair

What are your favorite features and body parts?
My Butt ! 🙂

What age did you lose your virginity?

What do you like most about sex?
Definitely the intimacy I feel when I’m with my man

What is something that never fails to turn you on? 
When my guy comes up behind me and slowly kisses my neck

Does size matter? 
Not at all. It’s all about how you use it!

Have you ever had a 3-some?

Do you have any favorite toys?
Fifty Shades of Grey taught me to love ties! 😉

Do you like oral sex? Giving or Receiving?
Yes and Both!

Do you watch porn? Favorite type? 
Totally! Digital Playground is the best!!

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